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Part 8

Sugar Industry

The Everglades Page" [U.S. Sugar]

Covers the Everglades Forever Act, the proposed (and failed) penny-a-pound tax, and other matters concerning Everglades and Florida Bay.

The Everglades 100 Years Ago" [Florida Crystals]

Provides a quick overview of changes to Everglades water flow, from 100 years ago to the present. Includes nicely designed water flow maps and a chart comparing phosphorus levels in sugar farm runoff with other water sources.

The Sugar Price Support Program Destroys the Everglades

An article prepared by the Coalition for Sugar Reform

Case Study:Sugar Subsidies and the Everglades (Competitive Enterprise Institute)

This section of the report FEDERAL AGRICULTURAL POLICY: A Harvest of Environmental Abuse, by Jonathan Tolman, examines the potential effects of government policies and chemical use on the environment.

Sugar Daddies
Article from Fox News Archive explores the players and politics of sugar growing in Florida.

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