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Part 9

Periodical Databases & Bibliographies

Aquatic Plant Database

This bibliographic database focuses on freshwater and wetland plants.

Bibliography of Literature Useful To The Study Of Florida Plants

The University of Florida Herbarium offers this selection of publications which "may be helpful to the study of the native, naturalized and cultivated vegetation of Florida." Under specific categories including "Economic Botany", "Endangered Species", "Plant Taxonomy", and many other headings, the bibliography provides brief citations to key sources in the literature.

Biscayne Bay : A Bibliography of the Marine Environment

Prepared by Kay K. Hale, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (Univ. Miami), this searchable bibliography covers the history of Bsicayne Bay from the late 1700's to present. Included are books, reports, theses and dissertations, scientific journal articles, and technical reports available at the RSMAS Library.

Coral Health and Monitoring Literature Abstracts.

Created by Linda Pikula, Jim Hendee and Patricia A. Greenberg, this searchable bibliography provides "an extensive collection of abstracts from coral health and monitoring related scientific papers. These abstracts come from various sources, including conference transcripts and scientific journals, and are organized here by both subject and senior author."

Dry Tortugas Bibliography

A searchable version of the annotated bibliography produced by Thomas W. Schmidt, Marine Biologist, National Park Service and Linda Pikula, NOAA Regional Librarian

Natural and Anthropogenic Events Impacting Florida Bay 1910-1994 Time Lime

A searchable version of the bibliography prepared by Dr. Adriana Cantillo, NOAA/NOS Linda Pikula NOAA/NODC, Janice Beattie NOAA/NODC, Elaine Collins NOAA/NODC, Kay Hale RSMAS University of Miami, and Thomas Schmidt NPS/SFNRC, Everglades National Park.

USGS Water Resources of Florida Bibliography

A listing of water resources publications including Water Resources Investigations Reports, Open-File Reports, maps, circulars and fact sheets.

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