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Directory of Agencies & Organizations

Involved in Everglades Research or Restoration:
Non-profits and Non-governmental Organizations

Preservation 2000
Created by the Florida Legislature as a ten-year, $3 billion land and water conservation program, Preservation 2000 funds purchase endangered species habitat, water resource areas, archaeological and historical sites and public recreation lands. To date, more than 820,000 acres of Florida's best remaining natural area have been protected using Preservation 2000 funds. <
South Florida lands managed under this program include Frog Pond/L-31 N Transition Lands and Southern Glades Environmental Area (Dade County); Rookery Bay, Fakahatchee Strand, Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge, and Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Collier County; several hammocks and preserves on the Florida Keys; the Rotenberger Wildlife management Area in Palm Beach County; and many more around the state.
The Everglades Restoration Movement, Inc. (ERM)

A non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to "removing destructive non-native plants from the Everglades."

The Everglades Preservation Society

Headquartered in Naples, Florida, this non-profit group is concerned with exotic pest plants such as Brazilian pepper and Melaleuca.

Conservation Fund

"The Conservation Fund's Sustainable Everglades Initiative, a joint project of the Fund and the MacArthur Foundation, is a far-reaching effort to revive the fragile Everglades and stabilize the foundations of South Florida communities. The intent is to build a vision of the region as one interconnected social, economic, and natural system."

National Parks and Conservation Association

Defenders of Wildlife

Defenders of Wildlife is dedicated to the protection of all native wild animals and plants in their natural communities. Their work on endangered ecosystems includes the Everglades of Florida.

Environmental Defense Fund

Audubon of Florida

Florida Native Plant Society

General information about Florida native plants, legislation and policy relevant to native plants, and numerous links to the Society newsletter and other relevant resources

Florida Panther Society

The home page for this "non-profit environmental education and support organization for Felis concolor coryi".

Friends of the Everglades

International Rivers Network

National Audubon Society's Everglades Ecosystem Restoration Campaign

National Parks and Conservation Association

Nature Conservancy

Nature Conservancy of Florida

Sierra Club

UNESCO World Heritage Program

Wildlife Rescue

A Tampa-based organization dedicated to saving the Florida Panther.

World Wildlife Fund

Everglades-related activities are included in their "Global 2000 Campaign".

Wildlife Conservation Society

Other Everglades Resources on the Internet
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