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REPORT CNR-1997-1002
Water Management Issues Affecting the C-111 Basin, Dade County, Florida

Table 5-2. Existing ARC/INFO Geographic Information Systems (GIS) shape files that are stored at the University of Florida and that can be used for further studies.

ARCView Shape Files


C111_basin  C-111 Canal basin
Dade_county  Dade County
Dc_coastal_waters Dade County coastal waters
Fl_dade Dade County for state of Florida 
Florida  Florida with county boundaries
Ga_coastal_waters General area coastal waters
Ga_flow_meters General area flow meters
Ga_rain_gauges General area rain gauges
Ga_stage_gauges General area stage gauges
Ga_structures  General area structures
General_area  General area
Pa_canals  Project area canals
Pa_flow_meters Project area flow meters
Pa_rain_gauges Project area rain gauges
Pa_stage_gauges Project area stage gauges
Pa_structures Project area structures
Pas_flow_meters Selected project area flow meters
Pas_rain_gauges Selected project area rain gauges
Pas_stage_gauges Selected project area stage gauges
Pas_structures Selected project area structures
Project_area  Project area
Pas_wells  Selected project area wells

Note: Structures contain pumps, culverts, spillways, and so on.

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