University of Florida, Center for Natural Resources, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

REPORT CNR-1997-1002
Water Management Issues Affecting the C-111 Basin, Dade County, Florida

Table 5-5 Royal Palm Ranger Station Rainfall Amounts
Date 1-Day Storm 5-Day Storm 10-Day Storm 20-Day Storm
June 1969 5.68 inches 6.31 inches 15.67 inches 22.76 inches
August 1981 7.75 inches 15.56 inches 16.05 inches 18.80 inches
June 1995 5.30 inches 8.37 inches 9.19 inches 14.37 inches
10 yr design storm 8.50 inches 10.50 inches 14.00 inches 19.50 inches

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