Everglades National Park


Technical and Management Reports:
SFRC Series (1976 to 1989)

Reports Available Online from the Everglades Digital Library

Johnson, Jill and Ingrid Olmstead. 1982. A bibliography of Schinus, Melaleuca, and Casuarina exotic genera in south Florida. South Florida Research Center Report T-682.

Kushlan, James A., Oron L. Bass, Jr., Lloyd L. Loope, William B. Robertson, Jr., Peter C. Rosendahl, and Dale L. Taylor. 1982. Cape Sable Sparrow management plan. South Florida Research Center Report M-660.

Krauss, Pamela. 1987. Old field succession in Everglades National Park. South Florida Research Center Report SFRC-87/03.

Olmsted, Ingrid, William B. Robertson Jr., Jill Johnson, and Oron L. Bass, Jr. 1983. The vegetation of Long Pine Key, Everglades National Park. South Florida Research Center Report SFRC-83/05.

Rutherford, Edward S., Thomas W. Schmidt, and James T. Tilmant. 1986. The early life history of spotted seatrout, red drum, gray snapper, and snook in Everglades National Park, Florida. South Florida Research Center Report SFRC-86/07. [PDF format, 8.1 MB]

Schmidt, Thomas W. 1991. Scientific studies in the coastal and estuarine areas of Everglades National Park: An annotated bibliography. U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Research/Resources Management Report SER-91. Southeast Regional Office, Atlanta, Georgia, 30303.

Whiteaker, Louis D. and Robert F. Doren. 1989. Exotic plant species management strategies and list of exotic species in prioritized categories for Everglades National Park. Southeast Region, Research/Resources Management Report SER-89/04.

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