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A lush growth of palmetto, royal palm, and leather fern provide a dramatic backdrop for a variety of wild orchids, bromeliads, and other flora in Fakahatchee Strand (Big Cypress Bend).


  1. Summary from the Chair
  2. Introduction
  3. Priority tasks
  4. Subregion 1996 Accomplishments, Initiatives, and 1997 Goals
  5. The Total Region - Kissimmee Through the Keys
  6. Subregion I - Upper Chain of Lakes and Kissimmee River Basin
  7. Subregion II - Lake Okeechobee
  8. Subregion III - Upper East Coast
  9. Subregion IV - Everglades Agricultural Area [under construction!]
  10. Subregion V - Everglades Water Conservation Areas [under construction!]
  11. Subregion VI - Big Cypress Basin [under construction!]
  12. Subregion VII - Everglades National Park [under construction!]
  13. Subregion VIII - Coastal Areas
  14. Subregion IX- Lower East Coast and Urban Area
  15. Subregion X - Caloosahatchee River Basin and Southwest Florida
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Members of the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Working Group on a field trip are briefed on specifics concerning Rookery Bay, Naples, FL. Group Photo
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