South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Working Group

Annual Report 1996


This section summarizes 1996 accomplishments, initiatives, and 1997 goals. These activities are described in systen-wide or subregion categories as defined in the 1994 Scientific Information Needs Report. Where an activity overlaps more than one subregion, it has been placed into the subregion that is most affected.

Total System: Kissimmee through the Keys Subregion I: Upper Chain of Lakes and Kissimmee River Basin
Subregion II: Lake Okeechobee Subregion III : Upper East Coast
Subregion IV : Everglades Agricultural Area Subregion V : Everglades Water Conservation Areas
Subregion VI : Upper Chain of Lakes and Kissimmee River Basin Subregion VII : Big Cypress Basin
Subregion VIII: Everglades National Park Subregion IX: Lower East Coast and Urban Area
Subregion X: Caloosahatchee River Basin and Southwest Florida

A map of the subregion boundaries is shown below:
Map of the Total System
Under construction: This is going to be a clickable map. To skip to a particular Subregion of interest, you will be able to use your mouse to select the appropriate area of the map.

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