South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Taskforce

Science Subgroup. May 1997

Ecologic and precursor success criteria
for South Florida ecosystem restoration

A Report to the Working Group
of the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task Force

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  1. Introduction

  2. Reinstatement Throughout the System of Natural Hydropatterns and Sheet Flow as Approximated by the Natural System Model

  3. Organic Soil Accretion and Subsidence

  4. Reduction in Phosphorus Loading

  5. Reinstatement of Natural Salinity Patterns in Relation to Rainfall

  6. Improvement of Water Clarity in Estuaries

  7. Restoration of Natural Landscape Patterns
    (Reduction in Nutrient-Tolerant and Exotic Plant species and increased cover of Natural Areas)

  8. Restored Taxonomic Composition of Periphyton Communities

  9. Improvement of Coral Reef Conditions

  10. Reduction of Mercury Body Burdens in Top Carnivores

  11. Reduced Prevalence of Abnormalities in Estuarine Fish

  12. Recovery of Endangered, Threatened and Keystone Species and populations

  13. Reestablishment of Healthy Wading Bird Populations

  14. Reestablishment of estuarine and inland fish populations and communities

  15. Improved Recruitment of Fishery species (e.g., Pink Shrimp)

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