Professors Involved

Raj Mutharasan: Semiconductor Processing

The purpose of this module is to introduce the transport phenomena topic, diffusion and transient diffusion, from the example of manufacture of integrated circuits. The primary instructional objective is the transport phenomena topic. The manufacturing processes provide a means to capture the interest and attention of the student. The manufacturing process is not intended to be comprehensive, but it is presented in sufficient detail so that the main ideas of manufacturing are discussed.

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Charles B. Weinberger: Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing

This module introduces the manufacture of synthetic fibers which involves pumping, filtration, fiber forming, and fiber treatment. Transient heat and mass transfer topics are emphasized. The module allows the reader to distinguish between convective and diffusive transport of both heat and mass. Other areas of contrast include positive displacement pumps versus centrifugal pumps and deep-bed filtration versus screen filtration.

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