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Contract Awards

China: Shanghai Fuel Cell Bus Project

On behalf of SFBC, I would like to thank all four companies that have responded to our Request for Proposal and submitted joint venture Proposals. Upon a thorough review of each proposal and negotiations with each of the proposal teams, a final decision has been made. The decision was not based solely on a specific aspect; but a team capable of provide the essential technology, transfer of technology, adequate financing, reliable management structure, appropriate training, and last but not least, solutions to environment issues. SFBC congratulates and awards the Fuel Cell Corporation (NCAT3).

France: Wind Power Project

On the behalf of Wind Power Associates, we would like to thank the three teams who submitted proposals for our Wind Farm venture in France. Our company was most impressed with all the hard work, insight, and thoughtfulness illustrated in the proposals that we received. We greatly enjoyed reading the ideas, as well as negotiating with the groups, and undertook much consideration in our making our choice.

Our decision was based on the comprehensibility and conciseness of the proposal, the degree of familiarity of the field as was exhibited by the teams, and the approach in finding the location and executing the venture.

We appreciated the succinct presentation of PCPW. Their technical knowledge was more than evident and we valued their willingness to incorporate our feedback.

Mistral Industrie presented an overwhelmingly thorough and dynamic proposal which covered many vital points and aspects. They had a wonderful understanding of the EDF policies, and we appreciated them educating us with them. We enjoyed the smooth negotiations that we established with them, and their meticulous business execution.

But in the end, we chose Southern Power International. We were most impressed with their proposal which had great ideas and information, but was at the same time concise and straight-forward. We appreciated their explicit examples of subsidies, and their offering of 2 locations and 2 business structures to choose from. Their budget and financial plan was clear, along with their technical evaluation. We appreciated the negotiations and constant feedback we exchanged with them during the process.

Thank you once again to all the teams who put in so much time and effort into their proposals. It has been a genuine pleasure working and communicating with you. Good luck to you all, and congratulations to SPI.

Wind Power Associates
    Stacy Hutchens
    Allen Irwin
    Timothy Cheung
    Dominic Coluccio
    John de la Parra

India: Wind Power Project

On behalf of the staff at IWVC, we would like to thank those companies that have responded to our Request for Proposal. A total of three proposal have been received. And based upon a thorough review of each proposal and face to face negotiations with each of the proposal teams, a final decision has been made.

The decision was not based solely on the lowest price; but incorporated a complete turnkey type proposal that would provide the appropriate training to our staff, the employment and integration of the India's civilians engineers, supervisors and construction laborers, expeditious construction timeline, required joint venture partnering and adequate financial terms.

IWVC congratulates and awards LOCCA of France. Good Job.

Lloyd Dunn
Ronnie Rollins
Michael Lane
Brian Keith Charles
James Howard
James "Doc" Woodland