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IRC allows you to communicate with any number of other people connected to the Internet in real time. This is useful for many things, for instance carrying out negotiations. If you are completely unfamiliar with IRC, start by reading through some information about IRC. If you do not have IRC installed on your computer (unlikely, so check first).

In order to negotiate using IRC, you have to agree with your partners as to when the negotiation will take place. Aside for setting up a time to meet on the 'net, you must also agree on a server and a channel. A good server might be A good channel name might be #topic, where topic is the topic of your negotiation. You must of course make sure that no one else is using this channel on this server.

So, for example, if your topic is Use of Fuel Cells for Energy Concervation in Africa (ufceca), you would do the following:

  1. Start IRC (in UNIX, just type irc).
  2. Type: /server
  3. Once you're logged on (this may take awhile), type: /join #ufceca
  4. Start talking...

Here are the team log-on addresses: