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Proposal Deliverables:

  The responding proposals should be submitted four our consideration in HTML format and no later than November 18, 1999. The proposal deliverables should address all our concerns (managerial, training, finances, technical, etc.), with enough clarity and detail as to make possible a wise and well documented decision. The required funds for Joint Venture start up and the first ten operating years should be estimated. The production and maintenance operations should be described in sufficient detail for us to judge the technical competence of our future partner. Space, major equipment, and workforce estimates should also be provided. Sketches, graphs, tables, charts, photos, etc. to support the proposal ideas should also be included as required.

  We look forward to your submittals and are eager to discuss and negotiate with you the terms of this mutually beneficial project. We can be reached via e-mail or Bulletin Board for any proposal related questions. We look forward to our first teleconference on November 03, 1999, between 10 AM and 12 PM, EST.

  Thank you for the serious consideration of this project.

  -- The SAME Management team

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