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SAME Financial Proposal:

Domestic Financial Regulations:

Capital Breakdown:

  • 60% of required capital raised through debt.
  • 40% of required capital raised through equity.

Debt Breakdown:

  Of the 60% debt:
  • No more than 83% (50% total) may be raised through domestic (South African) Loans.
  • A minimum of 17% (10% total) must be raised through alternative means. Ex. Foreign loans, domestic bonds, etc.
  • WHO and other reputable private investors are interested in sponsoring the J-V bond issuance and lend money to this project.

Equity Breakdown:

  Of the 40% equity:
  • 60% equity (24% total ownership of SAME).
  • 40% equity (16% total ownership of the J-V partner).
  • For the 60% equity ownership, SAME is prepared to supply 35% of the equity financial needs. The J-V partner will supply the balance of funds.

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