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SAME Management Proposal:


  SAME's goal is to start producing 100 dispensary vans per year* for the South African and Sub-Saharan health care market, modified from stock SUV's. We expect the sales of these vehicles to increase at the rate of 20% each year for five years, up to 200 vehicles per year, due to increased awareness to and continuous need for our product, and increased performance from improved technologies. We are seeking a joint venture (J-V) partner with access to international suppliers and engineering expertise in the use of solar power for mobile applications. The engineering department will be staffed, though not completely, with engineers from our partner company. This arrangement is in recognition of the fact that the success of this joint venture hinges on the effective implementation of photovoltaic technology.

* - We plan for a production of 100 vans the first year, 120 the second, 140 the third, 160 the fourth, 180 the fifth, and 200 vans the sixth year, maintaining this production level for the next four years, including year 10.

SAME Company Background:

  SAME's strengths lie in its human resources, our existing relationships with South African (SA) suppliers and government officials. Having an established business presence in South Africa means we are connected with the local labor forces, suppliers, and local government administrations. We are well known to WHO, who commissioned us to work on this high visibility project. We are also already familiar with the laws regarding SA national taxation and labor. Having originated in the automobile dealership business in South Africa, we have expertise in management, marketing, distribution, and sales and service necessary for this joint venture.

  The SAME management team consists of the following:

J-V Workforce Training:

  One of the major goals of the J-V would be to create new quality jobs in the currently economically deprived areas of South Africa. We would also want to increase the technical skills of all our workers. In order to produce the vans we will need to train our workforce for the light manufacturing and maintenance required. Some in our prospective local workforce already are familiar with automobile construction, but many lack experience in handling photovoltaics and other electrical components. We are therefore proposing that our joint venture partner, having technical experience in working with photovoltaics, will be responsible to set up the required program to train the J-V workforce.

J-V Board of Directors:

  To oversee and give direction to our efforts a board of director comprised of 11 people will be selected. 1 individual shall come from each of the following areas of occupation: local academia or business, solar power specialist, medicine, local government, and our automobile supplier. Two other board members shall be selected from SAME. One other board member to be named Chairman of the Board shall also come from SAME. Two members shall come from our joint venture partner.

J-V Department Structure:

  The proposed structure of the J-V will consist of a Purchasing and Procurement department, a Production department, an Operations department, an Engineering department, a Quality Control department, a Marketing and Public Relations department, and a Service and Parts department.

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