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Sharing Information

To submit resources for posting on this site, do the following:

  1. It's best to submit files in HTML format; you can save files as HTML in Word
  2. If files are not ASCII (*.txt, *.html, etc), uuencode them (if you don't know how, ask for help in the computer lab)
  3. Send files to Gigi < >. Specify subject as "GTK-V"; identify yourself, your team and what you are sending clearly in the body of the message

Participating schools:

a) The Cooper Union

b) The Business School of Toulouse (Ecole Superieure de Commerce, Toulouse)

c) The Drexel University

You can also contact Prof. Jacoby and the teams directly:

The following form is no longer supported and is shown for informational purposes only.

The Cooper Union: Prof. Roxanne Jacoby (
ESC-Toulouse: Prof. Christophe Bernard( ), Prof. Gerard Drouet ( ),
Prof. Martine Boutary ( ),
Prof. Alain Saint-Jol ( ),
The Drexel University:
Prof. Richard Rosen ( ),

Participating Teams:

Cooper Union Group I (S. Africa Photovoltaic Team):
Prof. Roxanne Jacoby (, Buchalter Neil (, Duvivier Tara (,

Francisco Mark (, Mei Judy (, Mannino Christian (

Cooper Union Group II (LA Fuel Cell Team):
Prof. Roxanne Jacoby (, Sherman Yotaro (, Yabyabin Yasmin-Marie (,

Ramanarayanan Malini (, Dionisios Mitsanis (, Simon Glodburd (

Toulouse Team A(S. Africa Photovoltaic Team):
Prof. Martine Boutary (, Prof. Alain Saint-Joly (, Emmanuel Baudoin (, Michael Bensoussan (, Celine Brick(,Benoit Dumolard (,Stephane Rouannet (

Toulouse Team B(LA Fuel Cell Team):
Prof.Martine Boutary (, Prof.Alain Saint-Joly (, Micheal Barbelanne (, Brigitte Gay (, Gilles Perrin(,Gregoire Sarrazin (),Dao Vo-Trung (

Toulouse Team C(LA Fuel Cell Team):
Prof. Martine Boutary (, Alain Saint-Joly (, Olivier Cortes(, Olivier Fedrigo (, Marine Montezin (, Eric Ploujoux(,Antoine Rulliere(,Jean-Pierre Tesseyre (

Drexel South Africa (photo-voltaic):
Prof. Richard Rosen(, Mark Hall, Jr.(, Jay Ruzicka (, Sudhin A. Thomas ( ).

Drexel Los Angeles (fuel cells taxis):
Prof. R. Rosen (, Haitham Towfig(, Mike Tucci(, Keith Brown(, Will Hidlay( ),Marlon Thomas( ).

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