GlobeTech-III Conferencing

How to hold a conference

We will be using a dedicated Internet Relay Chatting (IRC) server in to conduct conference for the GlobeTech Project.

This server will not be connected to the rest of the IRC world, so please do not expect to chat with the world on while on this server.

Channels would be named after the topics of the conferences.

Participants are assumed to have access to IRC client programs at their sites. If not, please ask your local network manager to set up the program.

How to use IRC

Documents related to IRC are wildly available on the Internet. Some of them are listed here.
The links on this page are for archival purposes. There is no guarantee the pages they link to are maintained.

Note: To log or save your IRC sessions, select "Start logging" in the "Terminal" menu in the Windows31 or Windows95 telnet window.

For those familiar with mIRC, here is a 32-bit version of mIRC for Windows95. To log and save an IRC session, just select "Options" from the "File" menu, and then select the "Logging" tab. Check the relevant boxes from the "Automatically log" section and click OK. Just note where the log file will be save in (by default, it is saved in c:\mirc\.

For those who are not familiar with mIRC, but would like to use it, you may have to set up the IRC Servers, Local Info, and Identity. Finally, don't be afraid to use the help files that comes with mIRC.
For further details please contact: Michael Lin.