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On a scale from 0, the worst, to 10, the best, please grade the following: A. SIMULATION SUBJECT: A.1 Timeliness: A.2 Relevance to your course: OTHER SUBJECTS YOU WOULD RECOMMEND FOR FUTURE SIMULATIONS: B. LEARNING EXPERIENCE: B.1 Was the simulation a worthwhile learning experience? B.2 How would you rate your team(s)'s performance compared with the others participating in the simulation? B.3 How much did you enjoy the simulation? B.4 Computer interface with the other teams B.5 Interface with your team(s) B.6 "On-line" simulation conferences B.7 Faculty's guidance B.8 Effectiveness of press releases B.9 Discussion questions B.10 Negotiation process B.11 Fairness of contract awards B.12 Post-simulation debriefing/feedback Was the simulation your first team work experience? (Yes/No)
Any other comments you care to make: Thank you for your input, Prof. Roxanne Jacoby
NOTE: The main purpose of this questionnaire is to gather pertaining information in order to improve future simulations,not to grade you, your teammates or anybody else. Your objective evaluationand constructive comments are essential to help improve engineering education.