GlobeTech-III Resource Sharing

Submitting Resources/Information

To submit resources, uuencode the files if they are not ASCII files, then mail to, and specify the subject as "GlobeTech Resource" and provide a title and the author information at the beginning of the mai l body.

Retrieving Resources/Information

Files submitted can be viewed on the Resources/Information page.

The following email links may no longer be valid and are shown for archival purposes only.

You can contact all (or any) members in each Team:

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Carnegie Mellon Team 1:

Cohen Louis and ( Weinfeld Seth ( Professor Manjula Shyam (

Carnegie Mellon Team 2:

Kim Manhee Lee Alonzo ( Mok Norman Nakayama Mirika Professor Manjula Shyam (

Cooper Union Team 1: Novgorod Power Authority (NPA):

Cusak Sean ( Strashny Alexander ( Tines Kimberly ( Velez Javier ( Professor Roxanne Jacoby (

Cooper Union Team 2: German Autobahn Authority (GAA):

Sims Michael ( Tang Stephen ( Zhang Bingxie ( Professor Roxanne Jacoby (

Cooper Union Team 3: "Zeus Associates"

Alestra Mary ( Bjurstrom Eric ( Miliaresis Ismini ( Porciello Diane ( Professor Constantine Yapijakis (

EuroConsulting Group:

Emanuele GALEOTTI ( Ioannis GEORGOPOULOS ( Ludmila SHEFTEL ( Marina IPATOVA-DEEVA ( Dr. Guenter Schumacher (

Polytechnic Institute of Technology Team:

Coby Lichter ( Manuel Miranda ( John Fan ( Dr. Dipak Roy (

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Team:

Kenneth Andrew Huff ( Jennifer Cass ( Yun Joo Kim ( Katie Dusett ( Prof. Elmar Altwicker (

Faculty Team:

Professor Elmar Altwicker ( Professor Roxanne Jacoby ( Dr. Dipak Roy ( Dr. Guenter Schumacher ( Professor Manjula Shyam ( Professor Constantine Yapijakis (

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Roxanne Jacoby