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part final
subject:Results for the China project
name:Albi School of Mines.
date:Thu Dec 10 16:02:22 1998
After the reception of the two proposals, the variour members of the team assessed it, dealing with their specific field of efficiency :
- Communication : Marie Agnes.
- Economic and financial considerations : Nelly Marcillac and Marie Agnes Divine.
- Technical and environmental considerartions : Fabrice Pourcel and Anne Florence Gohee.
- Management and development of the company : Olivier Pairault.

We assigned the following coefficient to each field :
- Communication : 10 %
- E & F considerations : 20 %
- T & E considerations : 50 %
- Management and development : 20 %

Communication :

Cooper Union : poor communication. 3 %

Carnegie Mellon University : Quite good contacts but low efficiency due to technical problems that made us think that they are competent. 8%

E & F considerations :

CU : Good ratios between the engineers and the workers wages but wages are too high relative to the cost of living in China. 15 %

CMU : Bad ratios and too high wages. 11 %

T & E considerations :

CU : The proposal is compliant with our RFP. We noticed that CU provides a monitored and automated system. 40 %

CMU : The efficiency of the equipment is better than expected. That makes the CMU proposal attractive. On the other hand the automated and monitored system is not provided immediately. We would prefer the control equipment to be effective as soon as possible. 37 %

Management and company development :

CU : Prices are more accurate as well as the advertissement campain. However, we would like to specify that 5 people of the board of directors out of 9, will be Chineese. We don't agree that engineers would be exclusively american. 10 %

CMU : Investments and composition of the board of director compliant with the specification. 15 %


Our meeting resulted in the fact that CMU awarded the contract providing they replace the tangential burner with a wall one.

Thank you for your cooperation,

The Albi School Of Mines Chineese Team