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Case Studies:

The following case studies, mostly from the Harvard Business School, or articles from Business week, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications, have been selected for their relevance to the subjects discussed in specific courses. Please read carefully each case study and extract the relevant ideas in a short and clear format of maximum a page long. Link your work to the specific course page, ahead of the date of the course.

Course No: Case studies:
02 "Country analysis framework."
03 "Global workforce 2000." and "The last frontier."
04 "Technology and unemployment."
05 "Australian paper manufacturer."
08 "The competitive advantage of nations" and "Pushing the pace: speed, speed, speed."
09 "Free trade in Latin America."
10 "Note on global technology flows"
11 "The new era of Eurocapitalism" and "Tethered to Pittsburgh."
12 "Toyota road." and "The coming of knowledge business."
13 "Commercializing technology." and "The 21st century."
14 "More toasts, less sleep."

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