Resources Course 2

EID-372, Course No. 01:

Welcome to EID-372, Global Perspectives in Technology Management

We will discuss in this course:

A) Course Structure B) Get acquainted C) Assignments for Course 02

A) Get familiar with the course structure and with the other students.

Did you have a chance to get familiar with the course Resources page and the Globetech-V simulation web site?

If not, do so now. Pay particular attention to the Course Description and Schedule and the GTK-V Resources page, since these two will serve as our operating base for the length of the course.

Would you care to introduce yourself and send a short Hello note to the other teams and students?

Go to the Chat Room and do it...

B) And now, please let me know a little about yourself:

The following form is no longer maintained and is shown for informational purposes only.

1. Why did you decide to take this course? What is your major? What year of study are you in?

2. What do you expect to get out of this course?

3. Did you take any other courses on the WWW? If yes, what type of courses?

4. How familiar are you with using the WWW for research, chat, e-mail, etc? Do you feel you'll need extra help?

5. This course will require self and team discipline to study and complete team assignments. It will also require frequent e-mail communications among team members and with other teams. As future managers, I expect you to be able to divide equitably your work within the team, and no matter what the circumstances are, be able to submit your assignments in time. If something happens and you can't complete your assignment, please arrange ahead of time with another team member to complete your assignment, to ensure that all assignments are posted on time. Are you ready to make this commitment for the next 15 weeks?

6. Any other comments? Please feel free to communicate with me, Prof. Jacoby

C) Assignments for Course 02:

1. Prepare a short (max. 2 pages), clear presentation, outlining the main ideas of Text A: Chapter 01. Pay particular attention to:

2. Text B: Introduction and Chapter 01.

3. Case studies as assigned.

Link your work here.