Course 1 Course 3

EID-372, Course No. 02:

We will discuss in this course:

A) The assigned work B) Assignments for Course 03

A) Discuss Course 02 assignments:

Do you have any questions or comments regarding the assigned work?

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B) Assignments for Course 03:

1. Prepare a short (max. 2 pages), clear presentation, outlining the main ideas of Text A: Chapters 02 and 03. Pay particular attention to:

Ch. 02: The demographic explosion Ch. 03: The communications and financial revolutions
  • what are the consequences of regional disparities in population growth?
  • why population grows so fast in certain areas?
  • what solutions are proposed to this problem?
  • how communications and finance influence globalization?
  • what are the benefits and disadvantages of large multinational corporations for the developed and developing countries?

2. Discuss Joint Venture Principles (see Resources page).

3. Same for Text B: Chapters 02 and 03.

4. Same for case study: ".............."

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