Course 3 Course 5

EID-372, Course No. 04:

We will discuss in this course:

A) The assigned work B) Assignments for Course 05

A) Discuss Course 04 assignments:

Do you have any questions or comments regarding the assigned work?

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B) Assignments for Course 05:

1. Prepare a short (max. 2 pages), clear presentation, outlining the main ideas of Text A: Chapter 06. Pay particular attention to:

Ch. 06: The dangers to our natural environment
  • what are the main trends that impact on the quality of our environment?
  • what will be the impact on the environment of these trends if nothing is done?
  • what are the most recent measures taken to salvage our environment?

2. Same for Text B: Chapters 06 and 07.

3. Research and discuss the Kyoto Agreement: its importance, its implications for both developed and developing countries. What is its international status, its status in the USA? How it will affect the development of technology in the years to come? How do you think it might affect your career and life style?

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