Course 9 Course 11

EID-372, Course No. 10:

We will discuss in this course:

A) The assigned work C) Comments on the Engineer from Industry visit
B) Assignments for Course 11 D) The GTK-6 project status

A) Discuss Course 10 assignments:

Do you have any questions or comments regarding the assigned work?

The following form is no longer maintained and is shown for informational purposes only.

B) Assignments for Course 11:

1. Prepare a short (max. 2 pages), clear presentation, outlining the main ideas of Text A: Chapter 12. Pay particular attention to:

Ch. 12: Europe and the Future
  • which are the main strengths of the European Union?
  • which are its main weaknesses?
  • what are the historic reasons for this?
  • how do you think the introduction of the Euro will influence the development of the European Union?
  • discuss each main country and its characteristics

2. Research an European Union (EU) country that is of particular interest to you. Discuss its political, economic, etc. characteristics, positive and negative aspects, in the context of the EU development.

3. Read and comment on the assigned case study.

4. Discuss: "Working abroad for an American multinational firm, such as: Exxon, G.E., Ford, Andersen Consulting, Microsoft, etc.":

Link your work here.

C) Do you have any questions or comments regarding the Engineer from Industry visit?

D) GTK-6 project status: Comment on the work of your team and your assignments. Any questions?