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Sharing Information

To submit resources for posting on this site, do the following:

  1. It's best to submit files in HTML format; you can save files as HTML in Word
  2. If files are not ASCII (*.txt, *.html, etc), unencode them (if you don't know how, ask for help in the computer lab)
  3. Send files to Gigi <chen7@cooper.edu>. Specify subject as "EID-372"; identify yourself, your team and what you are sending clearly in the body of the message

Participating schools:

  1. The Cooper Union
  2. The Business School of Toulouse (Ecole Superieure de Commerce, Toulouse)
  3. The North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

You can also contact the lead professors and teams directly as follows:

The folowing form is no longer maintained and is shown for informational purposes only.

The Cooper Union: Prof. Roxanne Jacoby (jacoby@cooper.edu)
ESC-Toulouse: Prof. Maria Sanjaume (sanjaume@club-internet.fr)
NCAT: Prof. William K. James (wkjames@ncat.edu)

Participating Teams:

Cooper Union Team 1 (RFP for Shanghai Fuel Cell Buses):
Prof. Roxanne Jacoby (jacoby@cooper.edu)
Li (Gigi) Chen (chen7@cooper.edu)
Russell Lamb (lamb@cooper.edu)
Yunglin (Elaine) Lee (lee12@cooper.edu)
Christopher Man (man2@cooper.edu)
Andrew J. Simmonds (simmon@cooper.edu)
Keith Vuono (NAT1026@aol.com)

Cooper Union Team 2 (RFP Wind Power Project, France):
Prof. Roxanne Jacoby (jacoby@cooper.edu)
Dominic F. Coluccio (colucc@cooper.edu)
Stacy Hutchens (hutche@cooper.edu)
Allen Irwin (irwin2@cooper.edu)
John de la Parra (delapa@cooper.edu)
Timothy Yeung (hang1101@yahoo.com)

Toulouse Shanghai Fuel Cell Proposal Teams:
Team A:

leader: Henri Auboiroux (hauboiroux@yahoo.com)
(sanjaume@club-internet.fr, laurent.choteau@caramail.com, patrice.bacquer@libertysurf.fr, h.amingual@libertysurf.fr, venzkem@gmx.net, nicolas.vowles@libertysurf.fr)

Team B:
leader: David Corillion (corillion.david@wanadoo.fr)
(sanjaume@club-internet.fr, fred.b2@caramail.com, emilie.rambaud@libertysurf.fr, m_gobert@yahoo.com, antoinesana@hotmail.com)

Toulouse France Wind Power Proposal Teams:
Team C:

leader: Laurent Maignot (laurent.maignot@wanadoo.fr)
(sanjaume@club-internet.fr, seb.guillet@caramail.com, abonafos@libertysurf.fr, sambouni@hotmail.com, perrine.bertrand1@libertysurf.fr, marchesseausophie@hotmail.com)

Team D:
leader: Anne-Sophie Duchesne (aduchesn@fr.packardbell.org)
(sanjaume@club-internet.fr, jfldundee@aol.com, g.charpentier@free.fr, jeanluc.durand@mail.dotcom.fr, s.koska@ifrance.com)

Toulouse India Wind Power Proposal Teams:
Team E:

leader: Olivier Luengo (luengoo@meloo.com)
(sanjaume@club-internet.fr, christophe.galy@free.fr, a.defendini@free.fr, l.desvignes@free.fr, o.lamarie@libertysurf.fr)

Team F:
leader: seblienard@ifrance.com
(sanjaume@club-internet.fr, nathalie_ngo@yahoo.fr, damienblauwart@voila.fr, cyb1@libertysurf.fr, e.crenn@voila.fr, alaisd@hotmail.com)

NCAT Team 1:
Prof. William K. James (wkjames@ncat.edu)
Keith Charles
Lloyd Dunn (ldunn3q@earthlink.net)
James Howard (jlhrow5@hotmail.com)
Michael Lane (mulane34@homtmail.com)
Ronnie Rollins (Ronerollins@cs.com)
James Woodland (bpwdland@bellsouth.net, dwoodland@ecoflo.com)

NCAT Team 2:
Prof. William K. James (wkjames@ncat.edu)
Girish Arunagiri (girisharunagiri@hotmail.com)
Tasha Beckman (Lrbeckman@yahoo.com)
Charlene Duncan (Duncanc@ncat.edu)
Jermaine James (untrialjames@hotmail.com)
Chris Lee (rahemm_2_27401@yahoo.com)
Richmond Okoro (chiefokoro@aol.com)

NCAT Team 3:
Prof. William K. James (wkjames@ncat.edu)
Bedria Brown (Bedri@ncat.edu)
Theresa Brown (resa1@rocketmail.com)
Jarian Collins (jariancollins@hotmail.com)
Patrick Connally (pconn@ncat.edu)
Kenyatta Dailey (Kenyatta_dailey@hotmail.com)
Fred Fountain (myndvast@aol.com, sdcqualitymgr@aol.com)

NCAT Team 4:
Prof. William K. James (wkjames@ncat.edu)
Antonie Graham (GrahamAntoine@hotmail.com)
Anthony Nobles (anthony_nobles@hotmail.com)
Valerie Rosario (rosariol@ncat.edu)
Tracy Snipes (tracy_snipes@abss.k12.nc.us, tts_27253@yahoo.com)
Trevor Waddell (Trevorwad@aol.com)
Danyelle Woodard (danyellewoodard@yahoo.com)

NCAT Team 5:
Prof. William K. James (wkjames@ncat.edu)
Derrick Curry
Daphne Jonson (daphnej@ncat.edu, shortydoright@hotmail.com)
Michael Jones (mejones00@hotmail.com)
Barry Post (Bamapo@hotmail.com)
Temell Purkett (temellpurkett@hotmail.com)
David Southworth (dsouth3511@aol.com)

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