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Test Information:

This page provides for your information a typical Midterm test. There are 20 questions from the material studied up to that point, some multiple choice, some open ended. You have the best chance to get a good mark by providing clear, short, to the point answers to each question. Even if you are not sure you know the answer, write what you think you know related to the subject... I might find useful information you might be able to get credit for. Remember, the tests represent only part of your final grade. When you take the test relax, concentrate,and do the best you know how....

Here is the sample test:



  1. Which of the following is currently considered the area with the greatest economic growth potential?

    • Central and South America

    • North America

    • China and South-East Asia

    • Sub-Saharan Africa




  2. Are there any positive aspects to rapid global population growth?



  3. Are there any negative aspects to rapid global population growth?



  4. Which one of them gives a country the best chances for prosperity?

    • Rapid population growth

    • Abundant natural resources

    • Free, educated, and motivated people

    • Cheap labor




  5. On which of the following does a nation's industrial competitiveness depend most?

    • Large domestic markets

    • Low labor costs

    • The capacity of its industry to innovate, upgrade, and create sought after products

    • Government subsidies




  6. What is the most important factor when analyzing a prospective country for investment?

    • Health care policies

    • Access to sea routes

    • Political, social and economic circumstances

    • Natural resources availability




  7. What does technology development always promote?

    • Social & political change

    • A better standard of living for everybody

    • Higher unemployment

    • National safety




  8. Which of the following is the best way to promote development in a developing country?

    • Educate all its people (both male and female)

    • Promote free trade policies

    • Promote family planning

    • All of the above

    • None of the above




  9. What will be the consequences (positive and negative) in the developed countries, of rapid population growth in the developing countries?



  10. How do the Communications and Financial Revolutions affect the US economy (+ and -)?



  11. What are the main advantages of Robotics? What are the main disadvantages?



  12. What does "positional bargaining" mean ? What are its main disadvantages?



  13. What are the main characteristics of a "principled negotiation" (negotiation on the merits)?



  14. How should you treat the people participating in a negotiation?



  15. What are some of the means by which you can ensure a successful negotiation?



  16. What are some of the "dirty tricks" which may be used in a negotiation? How should you or your team react to "dirty tricks"?



  17. What is the main advantage in having a clear, well defined BATNA?



  18. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Biotechnology revolution on the Developed countries?



  20. What are some of the possible positive and negative effects of the Biotechnology revolution on agrarian, Less Developed countries?



  21. Is it any correlation between the population explosion and the state of the environment? And if so, what will be some of the consequences of this situation in the years to come (positive and negative)?



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