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Recommended Videotapes:

The following videotapes have been selected for their relevance to the subjects discussed in this course. Please view them carefully and extract the relevant ideas in a short and clear format of maximum a page long. Link your work to the specific course page.

Course No: Videotape: Duration:
01 "Made in America" with Robert Reich First segment, 60 min.
03 "Emerging Powers: China" First segment, 60 min.
05 "Emerging Powers: India" Second segment, 60 min.
07 "Emerging Powers: Brazil" Third segment, 60 min.
09 "Emerging Powers: Mexico" Fourth segment, 60 min.
11 "Made in America" with Robert Reich Second segment, 60 min.
13 "Interviews with A.Trotman (Ford Motor Co.) and Bill Gates (Microsoft)" 60 min

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