Welcome to EID-372:

Global Perspectives in Technology Management

and the GTK-6 Simulation

This is an elective interdisciplinary course open free of charge to juniors, seniors, and graduate engineering students who participate in the concurrent Globetech simulation. The course lasts a semester (September 1 to December 15) and offers, upon completion, 3 credits. The course Resources is the main page where to find information about the course. Course assignments will be discussed through the Chat Room or via e-mail. If you are not familiar with Teleconferencing, read Help before using it. If you still need some assistance, feel free to Contact us.

Course Instructor: Professor Roxanne Jacoby <jacoby@cooper.edu>

Webmaster: Gigi Chen <chen7@cooper.edu>
Content: Allen Irwin <irwin2@cooper.edu>

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