The following is a list of the major points of the joint venture agreement
between Oldchin and Toyota:

The company that is formed will be known as Newchin.  Said company will have a
Board of Directors with the following constituents:

	4 Oldchin representatives
	4 Toyota representatives
	1 Chinese government representative

Funding will be split as follows:

	60% borrowed by Newchin
	40% initial capital
		- 60% Toyota
		- 40% Oldchin

Ownership is as follows:

	55% Oldchin
	45% Toyota

Initially 200,000 cars will be manufactured with no restrictions on expansion

There will be no limits on exports.

Initially 40% of the automobile will be manufactured in China to be increased
uniformly to 75% in 6 years.

If the above increase is ahead of schedule, the Chinese government will
provide a 15% reduction in import tariffs provided the total percentage is
increased as well.

The plant manager will be provided by Toyota for 5 years after which a new
manager will be appointed by the B.O.D.