Submitted by China on November 8, 1995:

A car fabricated in China must be fuel efficient, affordable, and compact yet comfortable. It must also be environmentally safe. In other words, it will not give off too much exhaust (carbon monoxide) which is extremely harmful to the human body. The car shouldn't be too eye catching. Vanity is to be discouraged.If I am a car manufacturer, I would be in favor of licensing to a Chinese company my latest technology. Of course, I am assuming that my company will go into a joinnt venture with a Chinese car manufacturer company. That is the only way I will license my technology to them. This way, if the cars are successes, my company will profit and so will I. There have to be a copyright to the technology. So whenever some other division in the Chineses auto manufacturer industry uses that technology, they shold credit my company. The Chinese people are a smart bunch. They are very educated, hard working, and will become a major force to be reckoned with in the future. They have the brains and the will and with the technology, they could become very valuable partners in the future. It is possible for China to become a major car manufacturer to be reckoned with in the next 20 years. It takes a long time for a company to get started and catch up with the global competitors. Hence, it would probably take China longer than 10 years to perfect its car manufacturing companies. It will take China another 5 or so years to make its cars' qualities far exceed those of its competitors. As I mentioned before, China has the human resources, education, and will to do well economically. China will perform well economically in the future.

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