Welcome to Globetech!

Welcome to all the teams participating in the first Globetech simulation!

So far we have teams representing China, Toyota and Volkswagen. We might get an "observer"(not fully active in negotiations) team representing Ford. They will work with the Lotus Notes program.

Please keep in mind that team cooperation and open, principled exchange of ideas are essential for the success of this simulation.

China will release their Request for Bids by Oct. 31, 1995. Proposals from interested car manufacturers will have to be submitted by Nov. 9, 1995.

Meanwhile, so that we know each other better, I would appreciate it if you could start discussing your thoughts on the following topics:

  1. Which main characteristics should a car fabricated in China, for the Chinese market have?
  2. If you are a car manufacturer, would you be in favor or against licensing to a Chinese company your latest technology? Why, explain please your position.
  3. Could China become a threat to the big car manufacturing powers (Japan, USA, and South Korea, in the next 10 years? 20? Explain please your rationale.
Please e-mail your comments to Prof. R. Jacoby or Gil Benderly at: bender@cooper.edu. He will post them in the GLOBETECH news file so all of us can see them. Best wishes to all, Prof. Jacoby