The Global Technology Management Simulation Project

Prof Roxanne Jacoby

Project Overview

The Global Technology Simulation Project (Globotech) is proposed as a curriculum innovation and development (CID) tool under the auspices of the gateway Engineering Coalition.

This proposal stems from the very positive "hands-on" experience gained by the EID 372 (Global Perspectives in Technology Management course) studenrts and this professor in the fall 1994 semester, whiole participating in the "ICONS" (International Communi cation and Negotiation Simulations) project.

A computer aided simulation headed by the University of Maryland, College Park, and funded by the US Department of Education's Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE), the ICONS project aims to develop student's greater awareness to c urrent major foriegn policy issues, alternative policy options, and the linkages among issues confronting nations.

In a similar fashion, Globotech is conceived as a major component of an undergraduate interdisciplinary engineering course of Global Technology Management such as EID 372. However, participation in a Global Technology Management course is not absolutely neccessary. Since the simulation deals with the issues such as: trends and ways to economic growth in various parts of the world, global competitveness strategies, international negotiations, technology transfer, operations' optimization, etc., it could be offered in conjuction with other economics or engineering management courses.

This project will familiarize the engineering students with the real and very complex political, economic, social, and technical issues influencing global technology magnaement decisions, thus better preparing them for a future of increased globalization.

Simulation Schedule

The first simulation is proposed to start on October 16, 1995 and finish on December 1, 1995. Besides the weekly computer interface between the participating student teams, the simulation will also include three saturday "on-line" conferences (10 am - 12 :30 pm) on the following dates: October 28, November 11 and 18, 1995.

Planned GLOBETECH Communication Net

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