Set up a company of interactive television

This project's the business plan has several aspects:

A) The technical aspect, where students have to look around and see which technologies can be used, which one of them should be at home, and which ones should be given in outsourcing.

-which will be the different actors involved and how (telecom operators, ad
companies, brands, tv production companies, etc.).

-the interactive services: which services shall we plan to develop and who:
(direct interaction with the tv program, print of related information (as
recipes), contents on demand, simultaneous internet navigation during the
program, download music, play with other viewers, interaction with the
advertisement, make telephone calls, chat, multimedia mails, shopping, set
personal information, digital video recording, interaction with other
devices (palms, mobile phones, house appliances, etc.).

-the production of contains: which ones (films, quiz, documentaries, etc.).

Who will provide the tv programs.

B) The managerial aspects of the Joint-Venture project: Board of Directors
composition and number, what technical and managerial skills will be
required, staffing level, etc.

C) The financial aspects of the JV: Debt vs. equity levels, % equity of each
partner in the JV, possible financing sources, etc.

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