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Emulators for iTV:

Liberate's emulator or Microsoft's WebTV viewer.
Each of these have a solution which uses HTML and JavaScript.
Liberate requires approval

WebTV viewer

Demo for iTV:

Glossary iTV:

links iTV:

Active-Film. The make interactive commercials and cross media stuff

Infomatec. They have a Sync Technology for TV and internet

Metabox AG. They have a set-top box and do some content also

16:9. They design for the big pipe

Gold Media. A Consulting Agenca specializes in iTV

Kabel NRW. A cabel company working on back channel

Primacom. A cabel company working on back channel

e-Kabel. Aslo an cable company working on back channel

Forschungskanal. They make researches and experiments in iTV

Van Ghough TV. Not in Germany but in Austria. The artist way of iTV

SCIP. They develop iTV technologies

The Internet platform for iTV content developers

Links for wireless:

Demo for Mobile internet (3G):

Developer areas for Mobile internet (3G):

Most of the developer areas of the relevant handset manufacturers carry guidelines for individual devices, so:

and so on.

If you can find the developer site, the guidelines are usually close by. Actually, the Siemens one is hard to find, it's at:

You can get GPRS guidlines for BT Cellnet from their Expidas site,

Here are guidelines from Palm on the PalmOS UI:

Here are guidelines from Microsoft on Windows CE (for Pocket PCs):

Here are guidelines from and Sprint for HDML:

Here are guidelines from and Sprint for WML:

Wireless Advertising Association Standards:

Bluetooth Technology: