Girls Opportunities in Engineering and Science

Evaluation Sheet

Given out to all the students who participated in the day's events.

School_____________________________________ Grade________ Date__________________

1.	How much did this presentation teach you what an engineer does?

		A.  Very Much		B.  Moderately		C.  Somewhat		D.  Not at All

2.	Have you ever met a woman engineer or woman student engineer before today?

		A.  Yes		B.  No

3.	Grade the four labs you attended (A=Very Interesting, B= Somewhat Interesting,
	C=Average, D=Boring)

		_______ Station 1 - Materials Engineering
		_______ Station 2 - Mechanical Engineering

		_______ Station 3 - Computer Engineering

		_______ Station 4 - Design Process

4.	Which lab taught you the most about engineering?



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