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Girls Opportunities in Engineering and Science (GOES)

Under the leadership of the Women in Engineering [WiE] Committee and the Women in Engineering Program, the College of Engineering at Drexel University has launched an outreach effort to motivate larger numbers of girls to consider engineering as a viable career option. The outreach effort is in the form of an engineering education workshop that GOES (Girls Opportunities in Engineering and Science) to middle schools and junior high schools. Eight trips are scheduled this year.

This intervention program is directed to pre-high school students in grades 6th to 9th to make them aware of opportunities offered by the engineering profession and to encourage them to take college track math and science courses which will prepare them for an engineering career. The purpose of the hands-on laboratories is to convey the excitement and fun of engineering through practical experience. Teacher and parent participation is also encouraged.

Logisitics and Materials

The Hands-On Laboratories

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