1. This proved to be an unsuccessful way to notify parents and teachers. See Working with Parents and Teachers section for further elaboration.

  2. See Program Improvements for an elaboration of how this problem has been solved.

  3. Available from National Engineers Week Committee

  4. More information about K'Nex (and their educational packages) are available from K'Nex, PO Box 700, Hatfield, PA., 19440. Telephone Number is 215-997-7722

  5. Available from Sunburst, 101 Castleton Street, PO Box 100, Pleasantville, NY 10570-0100. Telephone Number is 800-321-7511. This company provides excellent educational software.

  6. Also Available from Sunburst.

  7. Available from National Engineers Week Committee.

  8. Excellent materials are available from Calhoun ISD, 17111 G Drive N., Marshall, MI 49068. Telephone Number is 616-781-5141. These materials include inexpensive, excellent handbooks for educators and parents.

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