Prepared by Deborah Foreman

To teach concepts of engineering design and teamwork using K'nex pieces.

* Handouts for each girl entitled "The Design Process"
* 9 Intermediate K'Nex kits which include the following pieces:

        Connectors                            Number
        Beige                                      	15
        Light Gray                               	15
        Green                                     	30
        Red                                       	25
        White                                     	50
        Gray                                      	30
        Yellow                                    	50
        Blue                                       	50
        Purple                                    	50
        Orange                                  	40

        Rods                                  Number
        Black/Gray                                	38
        Red                                     	60
        Yellow                                  	60
        Blue                                     	50
        White                                   	30
        Green                                   	20

1. Explain how all different types of engineers work together in teams and that each of them contributes a different form of expertise to the project.

2. Distribute engineering design handout while dividing the girls into groups of 3 or 4 depending on the number of girls in the group.

3. Go through design handout explaining problem to be solved using the steps on the handout.

a. Problem Statement - to build the highest free standing structure
b. Look at Materials - K'nex kits
c. Develop Strategy - Look at pieces see how they work and what you can do with them
d. Predict Result - What would you like your structure to look like
e. Build and Rebuild
f. Measure and Report - will be done together at the end of the session
g. Observe - look at everyone's design and explain that there are a variety of correct solutions for every problem.
4. After building is complete, compliment each group efforts individually by making a positive comment about their structure and reminding them that there are numerous solutions to every problem.

5. Leave the tallest structure standing for the group photo at the end

Note: All participants get in a group photo with the winning K'nex structures.
The photo is sent to the school as a momento of the day.

6. Ask the girls to take the other ones down and put the pieces away.

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