H 191
Design Projects
Lecture Materials
ASEE Papers
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H 193
Lecture Materials
Lecture 01A: Introductions and Sketching  
Lecture 02: Design Process and Visualization  
Lecture 03: Orthographic Projection  
Lecture 03A: Team Building Workshop  
Lecture 04A: Design Review, Isometric Drawings and Introduction to AutoCAD  
Lecture 05A: Scaling and Alternative Views  
Lecture 06A: Graphs and Graphing  
Lecture 07A: Excel Graphs  
Lecture 08A: Reading Objects  
Lecture 09A: Introduction to Descriptive Geometry
Lecture 10A:Review of Descriptive Geometry
Lecture 11: Topics for Mid Term
Lecture 12: Getting Started with 3-D CAD by Solid Modeling
Lecture 13: Section Views
Lecture 14: Sectioning of Assembly Drawings
Lecture 15A: Extruding Solids with AutoCAD
Lecture 16A: Dimensioning
Lecture 17A: Scaling and Dimensioning
Lecture 18: Sectioned Assembly
Lecture 19: Functional Dimensioning and Surfaces
Lecture 20: Fits and Tolerances
Lecture 21A: Review of Fits and Tolerances AutoCAD 3D Multiview
Lecture 22A: Fasteners and Welding
Lecture 23: The Design Process
Lecture 24: Topics for Midterm II
Lecture 25: Reading Working Drawings
Lecture 26: Brainstorming and Two-Person Design project
Lecture 27: Topics for Final Exam
SGAC-3 INTERSECTIONS:Pierce point of a line and a plane
SGAC-4 ANGLES: Angle between a line and a plane in space