H 192
Design Projects
Lecture Materials
H 191
H 193
      LAB 1- Data Acquisition
      Data Acquisition Fundamentals
      Voice Over Presentation :Data Acquisition Fundamentals
      Lab View
lab 1 Use of Virtual Oscilloscope
      LAB 2- Digital Electronics
      Digital Electronics
      Voice Over Presentation:Digital Electronics
      lab 1 Lab Write UP-Digital Electronics
      LAB 3- Product Analysis
      Product Analysis
      Voice over Presentation:Product Analysis
      ENG H192 Hands-on Lab
      lab 1 Lab WriteUp-Product Analysis
    LAB 4- Analog Electronics
      Analog Electronics
      Voice Over Presentation:Analog Electronics
    lab 1   Lab Write-Up
    lab 1   Instructions for the Lab Instructors
    LAB 5- Stress and Strain
      Stress and Strain
      Voice Over Presentation:Stress and Strain
      lab 1 Lab Write-Up
  LAB 6- Aerodynamics and Propulsion
  Voice Over Presentation:Propulsion
lab 1
Voice Over Presentation:Aerodynamics
LAB 7- Controlling a Stoplight
Controlling a Stoplight
Voice Over Presentation:Controlling a Stoplight
lab 1 Lab HandOut
lab 1 Lab Write-UP