H 191
Design Projects
Lecture Materials
H 192
H 193
Lecture Materials
Lecture 01: Course organization  
Lecture 02: Problem Solving  
Lecture 03: Logic Diagrams  
Lecture 04: PC & UNIX Login  
Lecture 05: C Programming Basics  
Lecture 06: IO in C  
Lecture 07: File IO in C  
Lecture 08: Control Statements  
Lecture 09: Switch Case Structures  
Lecture 10: Repetition Structures
Lecture 11: Arrays
Lecture 12: User Written Functions
Lecture 13: Scope of Variables
Lecture 14:Pointers
Lecture 15:Arrays and Pointers
Lecture 16:Strings
Lecture 17:Personal Libraries
Lecture 18:Introduction to MATLAB
Lecture 19:MATLAB Script & Function Files
Lecture 20: Propulsion Lab with MATLAB
Lecture 20A: File Transfer
Lecture 21: MATLAB Structures & File IO
Lecture 22: MATLAB Simultaneous Equations
Lecture 23: Structs and Enumeration
Lecture 24: C++
Lecture 25: C++ IO & Classes
Lecture 26: Handy Board
Lecture 27: C++ IO Manipulation
Lecture 28: C++ Inheritance & Overloading
Lecture 29: Software Design Project
Lecture 30: H192 Project
Final Review Topics
Mid Term -I Review Topics
Mid Term -II Review Topics