H 193
Design Projects
Lecture Materials
H 192
H 193
Lecture Materials
Course Introduction, Team Assignments, Team Working Agreement
Design Process and Brainstorming

Project Notebook & Brainstorming Sketches  
Grading Guidelines for Notebook and Brainstorming  
Motor Dynamics Lab  
Project Management  
Team Working Agreements  
Power Train Calculations  
Tips for Motors & Handy Board Care  
Performance Review
Progress Reports
Final Report – An Overview
Robot Programming Tips
Performance Test 2 and Project Review
Guidelines for Flow Charts and Pseudocode
Laboratory Quiz, Guidelines for Final Report Draft, Performance Test
Performance Test 3
Data Analysis and Presentation for Written and Oral Reports
Electrical Circuits and Diagrams
Performance Test 4 and Team Review
Lecture on Oral Presentations
Performance Test and A Look Ahead
Performance Review Project Progress Review
Visual Aids for Oral Presentations
Individual Competition
Observations from the Individual Competition
Work on Robots & Prepare for Competition
Work on Presentation & Reports
Check Budgets & Practice Oral Reports
Oral Reports
Last Day of Class – Spring Quarter