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WE640 Welding Production

OK!  Here you are with all this knowledge of welding engineering.  You are just about ready to graduate and start in that first job.  What is it going to be like out there?  What are you going to be doing?  Really, what kind of things might you as a new welding engineer be responsible to accomplish?  Have you thought about where you are going, do you have a personal mission statement?  In this class we will look at some typical types of welding facilities.  We will look at jobs you might actually be doing.  We will look at your job as an engineer and as a manager of welding facilities.  We will even discuss how you might “get along” with your supervisor, and how you might convince subordinates to follow your leading.  This will not be your typical engineering course, but it may just give you a glimpse of how things will be for you in less than a year.  Are you ready to drive this welding engineering ship?



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Course Objective

To present basic knowledge about the management of a welding manufacturing facility.

To establish comprehension and application of management techniques of a technological company for efficient facility management, project management, quality assurance, and personnel management.

Through the use of a take home project, to have students synthesize a manufacturing facility by putting the pieces of management design together and to evaluate the potential effectiveness of this facility.


Learning Outcomes

  • Examine a welding manufacturing facility for economy of plant location

  • To know the advantages and disadvantages of production line layouts and be able to select a layout

  • Be able to optimize production on different plant layouts

  • Be able to set up procedures for equipment maintenance

  • Examine power consumption with a goal of minimizing consumption

  • Calculate equipment needs of a production and specify equipment acquisition

  • Do time studies to optimize production facilities

  • Understand the rudiments of project management and methods for control and progress reporting on complex projects

  • Estimate weld costs both for maximizing profits and for project cost estimation

  • Practice quality control and assure quality through statistical process control, and start an ISO 9000 process

  • Understand the various management leadership styles and how they effect production

  • Develop listening and communication skills

  • Develop a sense of career coaching techniques and performance review of subordinates

  • Developing techniques for motivation of subordinates

  • Develop ethical practices in manufacturing context.



  • Introduction

  • Overview of class, Introduction to Globetech, Get Started, Learning Styles, Break into groups on WWW , Welding Facility Management

  • Plant Location

  • Plant and Machine Maintenance

  • Power/Energy Management

  • Welding Line Management

  • Materials Prep/Handling, Feeder, Fixtures, Positioners

  • Post Weld Treatment, Time Study, Welding Project Management

  • MBO

  • PERT

  • Costs (fixed, Variable)

  • Project Cost Estimation, Economic Decision Making

  • Quality Control (1.0)Statistical Process Control

  • Globetech Analysis - Welding People Management

  • Management Styles, Leadership

  • Listening, Communications, Coaching, Career Path Planning In Class

  • Motivation

  • Recruiting Managing Yourself

  • Goal Setting, Managing Time

  • Running Meeting, Making Presentations

  • Relationships with Supervisor

  • Engineering Ethics



WE601, 4th year standing in Eng., or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for WE642.


Learning Resources

Class Handouts, Globetech


Schedule Information

WI Qtr. 3 classes per week

Course Lectures


Plant Location

Plant Layout Patterns
Plant Layout patterns 2
Facility Maintenance
Power / Energy Management
Material Handling
Time Study
Project Management
Project Costs
Quality Control
People Management
Coaching Employees
Managing Yourself for Success


Instructor Info

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David W. Dickinson


Phone: (614) 292-0801

Link to Bio-Sketch

Teaching and Research Interests:

Resistance Welding, Welding Metallurgy, Welding Project Management, Welding Production, Sensing and Control of Welding Processes, Welding Fume and Noise Studies, Educational Technology Development, Continuous Quality in Manufacturing and Educational Environments


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, New York

B.S. Materials Engineering, 1967

Ph.D. Materials Engineering, 1972

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Last edit: 03/10/2003

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