Computers play a very large role in almost all aspects of engineering today. So it is only natural that this class provides an introduction to computers as well.
In this class students will be introduced to:

The IRIX operating system is Silicon Graphics, Inc.'s version of UNIX. Aside from its graphical user interface, IRIX allows users to manage their file system through UNIX shells. The course does not examine UNIX in-depth but rather provide the students with an environment to familiarize themselves with the basics.

Aspects of HTML, HTML 2.0 and HTML 3.0 are all covered in the class with an emphasis on page layout and overall user friendliness. HTML is a very results oriented programming language and for this reason it is perfect for introducing students to programming. The value of learning HTML will also become evident as the students are asked to incorporate what they have learned at the end of the class to present their final projects in a web page format.

The Modeling portion of the class is the most computer intensive aspect and is an excellent tool for bringing out the student's creative energies. Maya itself is used heavily in the advertising industry and is therefore an perfect choice to teach students who are trying to sell their ideas. Teaching modeling not only helps to teach computer aided design principles (CAD) to students but also helps them learn to transform their ideas into something tangible.