What do they design?
They're freshmen of all different engineering majors. What do they all know enough about to design individual original projects around? Well, how about toys?

Toy design is an ideal choice for various reasons. First, no special knowledge or expertise is required, so students from any major can do the project. Second, it is easy to assess customer needs and decide what would make a good toy. After all, everyone has had a lot of experience with toys. Since selling toys requires good presentation and communication skills, working on the project will help develop these. Last but not least, toy design is fun, which should make the course as enjoyable as it is enlightening.

When doing design, it does not matter what the project is. Whether the project is in toy design or electrical engineering, the same design process is followed. It is the understanding of this process that is the goal of this course.

The final project will involve designing a virtual toy -- one that emulates a real-world activity in a small electronic package. Certain specifications and limitations are of course part of the Request for Proposal and credit will be awarded to those students who can produce the best products within the time allowed in the most creative and effective manner. In the words of Walt Disney Attractions Television Producer Bill Suchi, 'In Life there are no problems, just opportunities to do things differently.'