Request for Proposal Unlimited Components Special Components

Request for Proposal

The final project for this class is the conceptual design of an Interactive Toy. The toy design will be modeled using the 3D graphics tool, Maya. The toy will be presented in an attractive and informative on-line advertisement.

Here at B.G.L., Inc. we work on a credit system for our design projects. You have been allocated up to 3400 credits for your design components. Certain components are readily available and cheap enough to allow you to use an "unlimited" amount. Other special components are more costly and must be budgeted wisely. In order to remain competitive in today's market, it is required that you incorporate at least 3 special components. Remember in designing an Interactive Toy, the focus should be on the relationship between the user and the toy. The target shelf price for the toy should be no more than approximately $50.

The on-line presentation should be written in HTML.* The purpose of the presentation is to sell your product to a perspective toy designer and/or consumer and to inform them on the operation of the toy. In particular, the use of the toy's special components should be addressed as to justify the cost and to "show off" the unique design features your toy has. It is recommended that you examine current Interactive Toys' packaging for examples.
*If you have experience with Java, JavaScript, and/or Flash and wish to incorporate these into your presentation please speak with the VP of Design, David Schneider.

"Unlimited" Components

Special Components

Speakers 200 Small speakers of MIDI quality.
Light Sensor 50 Sensitive to the intensity of the surrounding light, or infrared beams
Pressure Sensor 100 Sensitive to the amount of force applied.
Motion Sensor 150 Detects the presence of movement in an arc in front of it
Speed Sensor 100 Senses how fast an lever, slider, cranks are moved/turned.
Altimeter Sensor 200 Sensitive to the pitch of the toy, i.e. if a toy is being tilted.
Acceleration Sensor 200 Sensitive to is the rate of movement of the toy, i.e. if it is being jerked.
Temperature Sensor 20 Sensitive to the surrounding's temperature.
'Bio'sensor 200 Sensitive to a characteristic of the user, such as heart rate.
Voice Chip 50 To be used with speakers to increase the quality of the sound.
Voice Recorder 250 Can record up to 30 seconds of sound. More can be purchased for a longer time at a cost of 50 units/30 seconds. To play the sound back a Voice chip is required.
Voice Identification 500 Can compare recorded sounds with an incoming sound. A Voice Recorder must be purchased as well to use this item.
LCD Screen (Segment) 100 A liquid crystal display screen that can display only preset segments light or dark, i.e. like a digital watch.
LCD Screen (Pixel) 400 A liquid crystal display screen of 1600 pixels. Larger or smaller sizes can be purchased at a proportional rate in units of 400 pixels.
Reed Switch 50 A switch that is activated by a magnet.
Infrared Emitter 50 Emits an infrared beam with a range of 150 ft.
Infrared Receiver 50 Detects an infrared beam within a range of 150 ft.
Computational Processor 500 Required component of any toy that requires an control algorithm or can provide an "interpretation" of various inputs
Toy Linkup 350 Offers the ability to exchange information with other toys.
PC Linkup 350 Offers the ability to exchange information with a home Personal Computer.
Radio Control 400 Allows the toy to have a switch/button remotely influences the operation of the another singular component, i.e. turn on and off an LED using a remote. For more complex systems as an aspect of a radio controlled car, a computational processor would be required as well.
Memory Storage 500 Allows the toy to store information/data, i.e. to be able to identify multiple users for example
Locks 50 A simple mechanical lock that requires a key
Rumble Motors 50 Causes the item or part of the item to shake or vibrate.
Small Servo Motors 100 Simple motors that can turn a gear in one direction for a specified length of time, i.e. to open or close a "Furby's" eyes.
Resistance Motors/Gears 100 Motors/gear boxes that are used to change the amount force required to move a handle or turn a crank.
Manual Pumps 50 Pumps that an operated manually by the user, to squirt water for example.
Motorized Pumps 150 Pumps with small motors to run them, again to squirt water for example.
Complex Mechanics 50 Any complex array of gears, i.e. like those scene in "Furby".

For Special Components Not Listed Here:
You are welcome to use components that are not listed here, but you must provide the company with cost information.