Check out Sid the Squid's amazing multi-directional shooting system! Sid will use information from the infrared and motion sensors and will fire in one of four directions! The water guns are provided with "ammo" from the water pump located underneath Sid the Squid's body. Multi-Directional shooting is used primarily in the "Water War" game sequence, but also in the "Marco Polo" game sequence. When Sid senses that user is closing in on him, he will sense the user's position and surprise him with a cool, refreshing blast of water from his water guns! The "Marco Polo" game is activated when the user places his hands over Sid's eyes for ten seconds. Sid will then say, "Close your eyes and count to 20!" as he uses his motors to position himself away from the user. Sid the Squid will provide hours and hours of pool-time fun for anyone who likes to have fun!

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