Final Memo
If I were to hand off my project now, several steps would have to be taken. First, I think more time should be spent making sure all objects in my Maya scenes are proportional. I created all the scenes separately, and fused them at the end into the overview picture. However, when I went to do this, every scene was sized differently. Each object looked good in proportion to the rails in its scene, and when the scenes were combined, I resized the scenes to have the same rail size. Unfortunately, the objects (train, depot, bridge, etc.) looked out of proportion with each other. I only realized that in my last scene, and determined it wasn't worth the effort to go back and try to correct the other scenes. (Hey, don't mark me off, you probably didn't notice yourself!) If this were to become a real toy, the next step would be to gather supervisor/focus group feedback, and to update the design accordingly.

I enjoyed the class when we built tables from newspaper and played traffic jam the most. Playing music during our work day in the lab was also very nice.

The only major concern I have about my final project is that I hope you realize that the images are the toy 'as is.' Sure, it would have looked nicer if the depot had brick walls and a slate roof, but in real life that would only add to the cost of the toy and I already am very close to the $50 limit. I also hope my scenes aren't considered too plain. I used sky blue walls, so you had the choice of think of them as walls, or the sky. Finally, I am a little disapointed with the quality of the jpgs Maya produces, but then again jpgs aren't exactly the highest quality images. (Yes, I tried changing the anti-aliasing settings.) My one scene of all the equipment together, besides being infinitely cluttered, refused to render nicely.

For posterity's sake, here are the original, unedited versions of my storyboard and budgeting considerations.

And that completes my Gateway project! Now to recoup some much needed sleep, and eradicate all thoughts of Maya from my skull. Mmmmm... Sleep....