Even in regular mode which resembles a traditional model train set, there are many new considerations. First, you must pay careful attention to your speed. What was a good pace on a straight-away could prove to be deadly on a sharp turn or bumpy rail switch. If you don't learn to keep it under control, you will hear one of several replies including "We're going to fast," the screams of your passengers, or even worse: the screeching halt of your derailing engine.

Curved Track
If you're hauling a freight car, a lesser pace could also get you into trouble. Afterall, you don't want your cargo to fall off. And, since no one likes whiplash, you need to keep your stops and starts smooth.

Another task to keep in mind is operating the rail switches. Unless you want to go around in circles, you need to think ahead and set the switches to the proper direction.

Several other features have been added as well. If something is on the tracks, when the train hits it, you will hear the loud crash of impact sound effect.

Sound fun? Well, IntelliTrain's real strength are the two extended modes: